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A screen ruler is a program that allows users to quickly measure any distances or areas from their screen.

This collection contains several screen rulers that give you the possibility to view the color code values of the measured image so that you can copy them to the clipboard.

Screen Ruler with Color Picker download selection by Bill White. July 14, 2015

  1. Perfect Screen Ruler
    Perfect Screen Ruler Download
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    It allows you to measure different points of a captured image.

    Perfect Screen Ruler is a small but useful ...time. You can obtain the color code of a certain point...

  2. Meazure
    Meazure Download
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    Meazure allows you to find out the exact size of a portion of the screen.

    ...precise portions of the screen, which you can later ...choose the resolution, the rulers, and the level...

  3. Screen Ruler Pro

    Screen Ruler Professional is a measurement tool for Windows and Mac OS.

    ...so -- Screen Ruler is your choice. Main Features: - Background and colors -- you are...

  4. PixelRuler
    PixelRuler Download
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    PixelRuler places the ruler on the screen allowing to measure any object .

    ...places a special ruler on your screen allowing to measure ...but also picks the color of the spot it...

  5. Screen Tools

    It is the best choice for designers, web-masters and GUI developers.

    ...combines capabilities of screen magnifier, screen ruler, screen capturer and color picker in the...

  6. iMage magnifier

    Screen Loupe - Desktop Ruler - Color Picker - Capture Tool - Et Ceterae...

    Screen Loupe - Desktop Ruler - Color Picker - Capture Tool - Et Ceterae in...

  7. Rulers
    Rulers Download
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    (2 votes)

    create on whole screen area a set of rulers.

    ...features Unlimited rulers creation Multiple ...or whole screen Magnifier Color picker Automatic...

  8. Reglo

    Reglo: Graphics tool including a ruler, a magnifier, screen and color capture.

    ...also includes a color picker that enables you to ...a versatile on-screen ruler that is perfect for...

  9. PMeter
    PMeter Download
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    PMeter is program that measures the pixels on every image on the screen.

    ...a ruler that you can move on the screen to ...PMeter is the color picker to get a color from any image...

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